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Get More Out of Your Android Phone

There’s a significant difference between Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhones. Android phones, powered by Google, allow for an impressive level of customization. Android phones are open source

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Do not Fall Prey to Internet Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are at the top of cyber criminals’ moneymaking lists. It’s disturbing that the important data of organizations such as Sony are under threat from phishing scams. But in contrast to the widespread notion, these scams affect small enterprise owners as much as they affect the big corporations.

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Telecommuting: The Direction Business is Moving?

Isaac Asimov once said, “The only constant is change.” This is not only true in life, but in business as well. One trend that has changed in recent years is the popularity of telecommuting. Although many people have differing opinions regarding this, it has not been around long enough, on a large enough scale, to see its true impact on business

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Fun Gadget Ideas for the Holidays

With only a few weeks left until we’re in the heart of the holiday season, it may seem like there are only two “must-have” items for that tech-savvy person on our shopping lists: either a smartphone or a tablet. However, thousands of would-be perfect gadget gifts are going unnoticed. Advertisers are concentrating on big-ticket gizmos when plenty of gift-worthy devices are left under the radar instead of the tree

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Armed and Dangerous – The Tech-Savvy Holiday Shopper

Though many people will be doing all their holiday shopping via the Internet, many more will be enduring the crowds to get those early bargains—and many of them will be carrying their cellular phones. Everyone with a smartphone or tablet will be able to use certain apps to make their holiday shopping a better experience

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Intel 4004, We Wish You a Happy Birthday

In November of 1971, Intel released the Intel 4004 . It was the first CPU on a single chip! This week it celebrated its 40th birthday. This tiny microprocessor changed computing forever, so we want to say thank you

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Tips To Communicate Your IT Issues Effectively

It is a given that you will need to get some assistance from your IT service provider sooner or later.  However, it is hard for them at times to help you due to their busy schedule, trying to solve a lot of people’s difficult problems.  When requesting IT support, know that they cannot read your mind, and it will help them solve your problem if you are able to offer as much detailed information as possible in the preliminary request.  Here are some tips to make the process more streamlined for both of you. Write an Informative Email Subject Line IT technicians receive frequent requests on a variety of issues – some are incredibly urgent such as “I have a virus that destroying my documents”; while others are can withstand a 1-2 hour response delay, for example: “My monitor has a pinkish tinge.”  It helps the technician if you add a subject line containing the basics of the issue, which helps them determine the priority level.  A good example of a subject line is “Installed __ got error __”, which helps them to know instantly what your problem is with the computer.  A vague subject line without a meaningful description of the problem won’t help them solve your issue. Details, Details, Details It is important that you include a detailed description including as much information as possible

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The 2011 PhotoPlus Expo: For the Wealthy Shutterbug

At the end of October, the PhotoPlus Expo was held in New York City.  At the expo, hundreds of people demonstrated their technological advances in photography, including new kinds of cameras, lenses, printers, clothing, gear, and many others.  The plethora of items appealed to both professionals and hobbyists alike, albeit most came with elevated prices.  Here are three amazing inventions that were seen at the PhotoPlus Expo.  Take a look at a more complete list here to see an even more detailed look.

Sony DEV-3 and DEV-5 3D Binoculars

Like something you’d see in the newest sci-fi movie, these cool binoculars from Sony provide some amazing photographic and video features. Only the DEV-3 was on display, but the DEV-5 is the more complex of the two.  What’s cool about these models is that they’re multi-functional:  use them as impressive 3D binoculars, a 7-megapixel camera, or even a 1080i video recorder.  The optical lenses zoom to 20x […]

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Will Device Connectivity Make Our Lives Easier

We have spoken many times before about how society has become more connected, with others and with the world as a whole. Device connectivity could make how we live much easier by preventing breaks in our work. For instance, if you are working on a document at work and want to continue on the commute home,  simply send it to your smartphone and use a voice transcription app to continue your work in the car. Connectivity presents us with an interesting future. Here is Microsoft’s take on the subject. This future is probably not far off and it makes me wonder, what kinds of devices, apps, or combination of the two are paving the way for a future like this? Below are a few.
Comcast recently unveiled its home energy management and surveillance product called iControl. This robust product permits people to regulate the temperature of their homes, turn lights off and on, and watch their homes through […]

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