Unique “Local” Cloud Storage Service for Business Launched by Spire Technologies, Inc.

Local file server replacement, collaboration capabilities among benefits of

Portland, OR – August 14, 2013

SpireTech, a 20-year old Portland-based IT company, has launched a unique “local” cloud storage service using technology from CTERA Networks, based in Palo Alto, CA.

The technology allows SpireTech’s business clients to replace or augment traditional in-house file servers with a cloud-connected server appliance. The appliance acts as a file server for fast employee access to data, while offering remote collaboration capabilities and access to files from outside the office via mapped drive letters, along with apps for iOS and Android devices. The CTERA appliance can also backup Windows, Mac, and Linux workstations and servers.

What makes the service different from traditional cloud-only service offers is that the primary file storage resides at the client’s business location, so if the internet or cloud provider goes down, normal business operations will continue. The cloud portal is needed for offsite backup, external team […]

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Secure Cloud collaboration and backup

ctera-devicesSpireTech had been searching for a cost-effective solution for Cloud server connectivity for our clients for several years.  Everything we looked at was either too expensive, did not provide security and control over where the data resides, or did not work as advertised. When we came across the Ctera product, we were very intrigued and began a multi-month, rigorous evaluation process – along with customer demos, onsite trials, and evaluations.  Our clients have used the words “enamored” and “love” to describe the product.

The Ctera cloud-attached server appliances allow you to backup, share, and collaborate on your documents from anywhere!  They install in your office and allow your employees to gain access to your files through your private cloud portal, hosted by SpireTech – No VPN required! The Ctera C series appliances, coupled with a reliable offsite backup in our data center, provide you and your employees with secure access to their data.  They […]

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